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Bhim Nag's Brother Sreenath Nag

Sweets are an inseparable element of the Bengali culture in India which has gradually unfurled all over the world. Initiating any new task to the celebration of festivals is incomplete without sweets. Bhim Nag’s Brother Sreenath Nag is a pioneer in sweet manufacturing in Kolkata instilling the essence of traditionalism and aestheticism for two centuries. From wedding ceremonies to birthday parties the Sweets of Bhim Nag’s Brother Sreenath Nag have become an epitome of the traditional Bengali Culture with a moreish taste and unparalleled aestheticism. From Monohara and dilkhush Sandesh to chocolate Sandesh the sweets of Bhim Nag’s Brother Sreenath Nag have been winning the hearts of the clients by maintaining an unparalleled traditionalism and rich cultural heritage.


Interesting Facts

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Since 1941

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Innovative with Traditional Ethics

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Genuine Traditional Taste